This is a non-exhaustive list of software I have written. With a few noted exceptions, this list consists entirely of projects done outside of work.

See also my GitHub profile and older contributions to other software.

iOS Apps

Open Source — GitHub

  • BowerBundle – Provides a simple interface to execute bower from the cli or via composer install/update. (MIT License)
  • CSSColorValidatorBundle – Provides a Symfony validator for the css color specification as decribed by the W3C. (MIT License)
  • ElasticaExtraBundle – Additional functionality for using ElasticSearch from Symfony2. (MIT License)
  • PasswordStrengthBundle – Validator for ensuring strong passwords in Symfony2 applications. (MIT License)
  • WebLibBundle – Provides a Symfony command to manage a web library directory. (MIT License)
  • slow – unix command line tool to slow the execution of another process. (MIT License)
  • xarfs – MacFUSE filesystem for xar archives (and Mac OS X 10.5 installer packages). (BSD 2-Clause License)

Open Source — Other

  • ShadowBot, an open-source Macintosh IRC bot. Originally shareware, it was later released under the GNU GPL License.
  • ShadowIRC, an open-source Macintosh IRC client, and successor to ShadowBot. Originally shareware, ShadowIRC was later released under the GPL.
  • Unlockupd, a Mac OS X daemon to allow the system to recover when lookupd failed (a frequent problem on Mac OS X 10.3 – 10.4 systems). (GPL)

Open Source — Work Projects

  • Aggregate Map Tools – tools for aggregating multiple nearby markers on a Google Map. (X11 License)
  • Comments Vote Plugin – WordPress plugin to allow voting on comments. (GPL)
  • OpenStats was a database-driven site usage analysis tool. (GPL)
  • Twitterslurp, an open-source tool that displays live streams of twitter searches, used for a number of conferences. (MIT License)
  • – I worked on this site, a “social shopping network for teenage girls”, as a contractor for a year and a half. Unfortunately, the company ultimately folded, but the code to the site was later released. (MIT License)

Obsolete Software

This software is no longer available, because it requires the Classic Mac OS.

  • ICMP Logger (1996) logs incoming ICMP packets. Useful for IRC ops, system admins, and anyone else interested in monitoring incoming network traffic for some forms of undesirable packets.
  • Keep Connection Alive attempted to foil some dial-up ISPs which disconnected users after a few minutes of being idle.
  • MacDynDNS was a client for the DynDNS service.
  • MacGVANT was a client for an Optimal Golomb Rulers effort. My contribution was to rewrite the UI of the Mac client so that it was actually Mac-like. It was supersceeded by a client by another group using the GARSP OGR core. For more information about OGR, visit Distributed.Net’s OGR page.
  • Timer (1995) displays a small window that shows your uptime and gives you two timers.

Hermes II Externals: I wrote the following Hermes II “externals” (plugins) under the brand “ShadowExternals” between 1994-1996. Hermes II was a popular BBS system for the Macintosh before the Internet became popular. This was the first software I created that was publicly released.

  • Change Info – A replacment for user defaults and the sysop user editor. Also lets users see statistics on them that the BBS collected but didn’t display.
  • Chat Pro – Changes the sysop page sound, creates an emergency chat command, configurable time settings for making the sysop available or not, adds a menu to the menubar to indicate sysop’s status.
  • Checkers – ANSI-graphics checkers game against another player on the same BBS.
  • Colors Manager – Allows the sysop to configure multiple color sets for users and force-reset all users colors.
  • Donations – A tool to help sysops get donations for their BBSes.
  • MenuText – Displayed quotes above the main and transfer menu prompts.
  • Sysop Utilities – Various sysop utilities.
  • Top Twenty – An updated version of a top-twenty users statistics plugin that adds an ANSI progress bar, is faster, and added more statitics.
  • Userlist – a colorized userlist.

Unreleased Software

  • CD Controller (1999) allows you to control your CD player with the F13, F14, and F15 keys. Also plays sound effects and runs AppleScripts for the other functions keys.
  • Choose Adventure (1994), a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure computerized book, written for a creative writing class I took in high school.
  • FTP Wardialer (1998), an AppleScript that used the Anarchie FTP client to repeatedly reconnect to busy FTP servers until it was able to establish a connection.
  • MacPCFileConverter (1997) was written to facilitate in the conversion of the business college at the University of Maryland at College Park from Mac OS to Windows. It scanned through all files on a computer and added appropriate Windows extensions.
  • swf2img converts Flash 5 images via QuickTime to gif/jpg/png
  • url2pdf uses WebKit to convert web pages to pdf files
  • Wardialer (1995) was my modem dialer for a year or so when I first got on the Internet. My ISP had a relatively small dial-in pool, so it was rather difficult to get online.