Adium, a Mac OS X IM client

Cronolog is a log rotation program designed primarially for apache.

Drupal is a popular PHP CMS.

  • #796048 fixes a bug in drupal_build_js_cache that improperly merged JavaScript files (included with Drupal 6.17, 7)


  • #29: Add isMoving flag to the map (resolve issue #19)
  • #27: Add additional API functionality for zooming the map

MOAB Fixes – APE patches to fix bugs identified in the Month of Apple Bugs project

MRTG – The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher

  • mrtg-nomax.patch adds a new option, nomax, that allows rateup to accept any values it receives. Although one could specify an arbitrarially large AbsMax[], this is a cleaner solution.

PHP, the Hypertext Preprocessor

  • php-array-key-index.patch provides array_key_index(), array_first(), and array_last()
  • php412-enone.patch provides the E_NONE error constant, which was previously not available.
  • php402-parsestr.patch patches PHP 4.0.2 in a much cleaner way than the previous version of this patch did. Instead of including functionality directly into parse_str(), php_treat_data() is modified to return variables into an array. This patch was incorporated into PHP 4.0.3 with very minor changes.
  • php401pl2-parsestr.patch is a patch for PHP4 that modifes the parse_str() function to allow its output to be stored into an array, rather than to be spewed out into the current variable scope.
  • php-parsestr.patch is an older version of the patch for PHP3.

pyDDR, a DDR clone written in python.

  • pyddr-nonstop-cleanup.patch – Cleanup of initial nonstop code.
  • pyddr-gameloop-cleanup.patch – Major cleanup of the pyDDR game loop. Committed as-is.
    • With autofail on, don’t fail out unless all players have failed.
    • Once you’ve failed, you can’t increase your life bar.
    • Fixed range(float) warning in LifeBarDisp::update()
    • Don’t crash if a song’s movie file isn’t there.
    • –> But the song’s bg image doesn’t show, either.
    • Set the bgmovie alpha once, when it’s created, and not every time through the loop.
    • Doubled the update freq of the timer, so that it doesn’t look as jerky updating. (This doesn’t seem to change lps perf.)
    • Major code cleanup of main loop. Combine code for multiple players; the main loop is about 90% of the way to handling more than two players. Remove 200+ lines of redundancy.
  • pyddr-strobeSquare.patch – Create config option for the strobe square in the LR corner. Committed with modifications.
  • pyddr-arrowscale.patch – Merges arrow shrink/grow options into one arrow scale option since they are mutually exclusive. Committed as-is.

WindowMaker, an X11 window manager.

  • wm-noautolaunch.patch for WindowMaker 0.61.0. This patch was incorporated into WindowMaker 0.62.0. It enables a command line argument, –no-autolaunch, that prevents WindowMaker from launching dock and clip items marked as autolauch.

WMND is a dockapp for WindowMaker that displays network bandwidth usage.

  • wmnd-004-unsigned – WMND was using ints rather than unsigned longs to store values from /proc/net/dev, so when values exceeded the range of an int, wmnd could stop updating the display.
  • wmnd-002-shortline – I found and fixed a bug that caused WMND (and its predecessor, wmifs), to seg fault if a line in /proc/net/dev exceeded 127 characters long.