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Slides for “Writing OOP Modules for Drupal 7” Posted

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The slides for “Writing OOP Modules for Drupal 7”, my first talk at last week’s php[world], have been posted to Speaker Deck.

Slides for “Stupid PHP Tricks” Posted

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

The slides for “Stupid PHP Tricks”, my second talk at last week’s php[world], have been posted to Speaker Deck.

Slides for CodeWorks talk posted

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

This morning, in the lovely “Sauna” room at CodeWorks DC, I presented my talk on “What Happens When a Website Crashes: A Case Study” on how The Bivings Group scaled the Pickens Plan website after it stopped working following a national advertising campaign after the first 2008 presidential debate drew thousands of people to the website.

The slides are now available from my talks page.

If you were in the audience, please feel feel free to rate the talk at I welcome your comments.

Safari 4 beta and WebKit release analysis

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Earlier today, Apple released a beta version of Safari 4, with the version number 528.16.

As is common knowledge, Safari is based on the open-source WebKit rendering engine, which releases nightly builds. For reference, the current WebKit version is 520.1+.

Because WebKit is open source, using WebKit’s version history tracker, it’s possible to determine the following interesting information:

* The Safari-6528 branch was created on January 29th based on the state of the WebKit trunk at r40289, from January 27th.

* There have been 75 merges of code (presumably bug fixes) into the 6528 branch since then. The last of these merges was r41097 (merging r41091) on February 19.

* The release is tagged in WebKit svn as r41182, the/releases/Apple/Safari 4 Public Beta tag.

This means that the Safari 4 beta is based roughly on the state of WebKit as it was at the end of January, one month behind current development. Considering the importance of WebKit to Safari in general, and Mac OS X as a whole, a one month delay for QA purposes is probably pretty good.

Kudos to all of the people working on WebKit! Keep up the good work!